My name is Donna Sims and I am a spiritual reader. I do not read cards, use tokens, and have no concealed gimmicks. I will concentrate on your voice and allow my mind to function on the alpha brain wave, the state of mind that is a bridge to the subconscious that often occurs when a person is daydreaming or visualizing. It is in this state of mind that I find my insight. My premonitions come in many ways, sometimes it's a vision, almost like looking at a black and white television set, sometimes the insights are audible, but most of the time, I just know.

I was born in rural West Virginia and have lived in the area for 55 years. I was raised in the Christian faith and I have a strong belief in God. When I was a child my mother referred to my ability as higher intuition, and only as I got older, did I realize that my ability was termed "psychic".

I started doing readings at an early age and as my clientele grew, I became a licensed business. I have been in business for over 25 years. I have been interviewed for newspapers, I have been on radio shows, and I have worked with different law enforcement departments in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I have had the same basic clientele for almost 30 years and now read the grown children that I had predicted for their parents.

My goal is to spiritually help you make wise choices in your life about relationships, love, careers, business, or financial. Sometimes, we just need someone to listen.

I will look forward to speaking with you.

My readings are approximately 30 minutes. You may call me Toll Free (within the U.S.A.) to book your appointment. I will call you back at the scheduled time. Payment is made at the time of the reading. My fee is $60.00, which includes Taxes and your phone call. You have only one set fee.

PHONE (304) 366-2700


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