"I heard of Donna Sims through a co-worker. When I first spoke with Donna, I was skeptical, but as I began to talk to her, I felt comfortable. She told me things no one else knew. She has a belief in God same as I. Donna is a caring and trustworthy person. Since my first reading, I have spoken with Donna many times. I wish I could put her in my pocket and carry her with me at all times. She has told me many things that have come true. No doubt about it, she is right on track. I have never been disappointed after speaking with her.
She'll surprise you!"
- D. Drake, Clarksburg, WV

"When I went to see Donna Sims, she told me a women in my family with long curly blond hair would get a great deal of money, and it might be as much as $100,000. My aunt with long curly blond hair and her husband won $100,000 playing the PowerBall Lottery. WOW! I was impressed." - Tonya A., Fairmont, WV

"Donna helped me with making good financial choices. My money is now secure, Thanks Donna." - Dave A., Chandler, AZ

"I have known Donna for several years. I met her at a difficult time in my life. At that time, I felt I had no hope. With her spiritual guidance and visions of my future, I began to make better choices. She predicted my husband and said I would be very successful in my business and have a nice home. She was so right. I have a wonderful husband, a nice home and a successful business with a six figure income.
My advice is to call Donna Sims. I can't imagine my life without her. She's special."
- Rose R., Fairchance, PA

"At the time I met Donna, I was going through a divorce. She helped me make decisions about my life. She predicted I would marry a man of my own age (which I did), since I only dated younger men. I'm still married to my second husband and Donna is not just my psychic, I feel she is a good friend." - H. Bageant, Connellsville, PA

"Donna helped me with choices of investments. I feel more at ease about my financial retirement." - Carla R., Martinsburg, WV

In an excerpt from the Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail: "A couple of days before Valentine's Day, I went down to the kitchen and on the floor was a business card from a psychic, face-up. I hadn't been to her in years. I said to [Oderman], I'll take you to see a psychic for Valentine's Day.'"

The visit to psychic Donna Sims proved to be especially prophetic for Pritchard.

In an excerpt from the DOMINION POST "Donna Sims offers these factors for choosing a psychic:"

In an excerpt from the DOMINION POST "Sims does not use cards or crystals. She will ask your birthdate. "True psychics always have a key," "

My readings are approximately 30 minutes. You may call me Toll Free (within the U.S.A.) to book your appointment. I will call you back at the scheduled time. Payment is made at the time of the reading. My fee is $60.00, which includes Taxes and your phone call. You have only one set fee.

PHONE (304) 366-2700


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